Tai Chi and Qigong Classes

What is tai chi?

Tai chi (tai chi chun, taiji, taijiquan) is a battlefield martial art that focuses on self-cultivation methods as a way to protect oneself from external influences. This attention to the self is why it is named one of the three internal martial arts, along with hsing-I, and bagua. Sometimes tai chi is called, ‘Moving Meditation,’ because of its slow, mindful movements. The slow, meditative movements are done as a way to open joints, increase sensitivities, and control one’s center of gravity. In other words, tai chi is a mindfulness exercise just as much as a physical exercise.

It is the combination of physical exercise and mental awareness that makes tai chi an outstanding self-cultivation practice. The physical exercise and mental awareness eventually lead to a deeper self-cultivation practice of spirituality, for lack of a better term. Therefore, tai chi is a combination of physical exercise, mental awareness, and spiritual cultivation. This corresponds with the traditional foundation of tai chi: self-defense, traditional Chinese medicine, and Taoist philosophy.

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Tai Chi Classes at the Tai Chi Club of Boca Raton

There is a lot of mis-information in the world of tai chi, which has created a mysterious element to the art. A major reason for the wrong information goes back to the Cultural Revolution in China, and the communist government’s desire to standardize the practice. In our present day this has been perpetuated by unscrupulous individuals trying to make money from the art without proper knowledge or concern to preserve its tradition. This is typically seen by self-proclaimed masters and self-proclaimed monks. Traditional Chinese martial arts, such as kung fu and taijichuan, have been diluted to the point of dance in many cases. It is very difficult to find someone who truly knows the practicality of the arts. The substance of the arts have been ignored, forgotten, and in many cases lost. It is our goal to explore the substance of the arts.

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We do not claim to be masters or spiritualists. We are nothing more than students of the art who are hoping to expand our knowledge with like-minded individuals. Our knowledge comes from a very strong lineage with links directly to the family that created tai chi. We are practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, and high level practitioners of tai chi, qigong, and Taoist yoga. There are better tai chi practitioners in this world, but not many are accessible, and if so they can cost a lot of money. Our belief is that this art is something that should be shared and not commoditized.